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BWC Officers

Meet Our Team here at Bridgend Writers' Circle

The Officers were elected at the Annual General Meeting on the 2nd of September, 2020 for the term of one year:

The President of Bridgend Writers' Circle is JOHN WOOD, now retired from County Borough Librarian for Bridgend County Borough Council.


Chairman:                        Claudette Evans
Minute Secretary:            Liz Mahoney
Treasurer:                         Alex Marshall                
Almoner:                          Bridie Banwell
Publicity Officer:              Rich Greenwood
Saviker Organiser:           Kay Boswell
Welcomer:                       Bridie Banwell

Internet:                           Alex Marshall and Rich Greenwood

Open Competition:        Liz Mahoney and Janine Enos


All members of the Writers' Circle writing group are encouraged to attend and take part in the community group meetings of the Committee, but if it comes to a vote (a rare occurrence), only the four officers named above, the Life Vice-presidents and three committee members elected on 2nd September 2020 are entitled to a vote.

See the Constitution for more details.

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