Internal Competitions

A little Information about our Internal Competition

Each year, our writing group usually has 6 internal competitions for our authors however, due to the terrible virus situation we all find ourselves in, we are only going ahead with the Saviker for 2020-21. We do hope to return to a full programme of internal competitions next year.

Saviker:  This has three parts: 
Short Story  - 1800 words max, Poetry - 36 lines max and Prose - between 500 and 1000 words

The details of this competition are set at the September meeting each year. Entries are received at the following July meeting and the results are given out in August - one month later.

Vic Rees Monologue: This competition takes place at the October meeting each year. Members are reminded of this at the September meeting so that they can write a monologue to be read and judged during the October meeting. The maximum reading time is 6 minutes.

Endeavour: This competition will be set in November and will be handed in at the January meeting. The task type can be a short story, poem, or a prose item such as a newspaper article. The task type will be set at the November meeting. Results would normally be available at the February meeting

Railton: This competition will be set at the December meeting. The choice of type of task and topic will be similar to the choices for the Endeavour competition. Entries will be received at the February meeting.

Results would normally be available at the March meeting.

George Perry -  Radio Play: Normally a Radio play type, but may vary according to the setter. These are normally set in April, to be handed in at the July meeting.


Keith Cole - Poetry This competition is set in May each year, to be handed in at the July meeting.

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