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Internal Competition Winners

Our writing group has some talented authors and the winners of the Internal Competitions for 2022/23 were:

Railton:   Judge Liz Mahoney

First:  Claudette Evans for "The Lost Tie"

Second: Sarah Callaway for "Red Car"

Endeavour:  Judge: Claudette Evans

First Mike Hayes for a Short Story "Wrong Place, Right Time"

Keith Coles: Judge: Ann Fisher

Winner Mike Hayes for 'Peace'

Runner-up Jan Davies for 'Peace' 


Saviker: Judge: Dominique Spearey 

Overall Placings

Winner Liz Mahoney

Runner Up Sarah Callaway


Winner Liz Mahoney for 'Water'

Second Sarah Callaway for 'Immersion'

Third Jan Davies for 'Noon on the Nile'

Letter to a Councillor:

Winner Liz Mahoney for 'Lifeguards'

Second Mike Hayes for 'Letter to a Councillor'

Third Sarah Callaway for 'Letter to LA'

Winner Sarah Callaway for 'To Be Saved By You'

Second Liz Mahoney for 'Derring Do'

Third Jan Davies for 'Derring Do'

Vic Rees Monologue: Judge: Jean Harding

Winner  D H for 'For the Defence'

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