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Internal Competition Winners

Our writing group has some talented authors and the winners of the Internal Competitions for 2019 were:

Railton:   Judge Liz Mahoney

First:  Claudette Evans for "La Tomaltina"

Second: Wendy Nottingham for "A Disastrous Dog Walk"

Endeavour:  Judge Janine Enos awarded 2 Firsts and a Highly Commended

First Liz Mahoney for a Short Story "Remembrance"

First John Bowdidge for a Poem  "Remembrance"

Highly Commended: Jean Edwards for "Remembrance"


George Perry: Judge Bridie Banwell  for a Gothic Horror Play

Winner: Claudette Evans
Runner-up:    Wendy Nottingham


Keith Coles

Winner Mike Hayes

Runners-up Jean Harding and Bridie Banwell

Joint Third Stevie Amuzu and Wendy Nottingham


Saviker Overall

Winner Liz Mahoney

Runner Up Mike Hayes

Third   Jean Edwards with a 1st in Poetry

Fourth  Claudette Evans with a 2nd in Short Story

Vic Rees Monologue

Winner  John Bowdidge - Partly Political or Absolutely Barmy.

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