Internal Competition - Saviker (To be ready for 1st July 2021)

  • Story: Crime Story (1600-2000 words)

  • Memoir: My First days at School (500-800 words)

  • Poetry: Own Choice (Max. 36 lines)


For October's meeting, the prompt is a monologue; on any subject, not longer than 6 mins. maximum.

Bridgend Writers' Circle Programme for 2020/2021

Due to the continuing uncertainty regarding meeting face to face, the Committee have decided to continue with the monthly meetings via the Zoom platform. The Committee also decided at the AGM to abandon all internal competitions (apart from the Saviker for the time being) due to the ongoing situation.

To encourage regular writing, we've introduced an optional ‘prompt’ (see below) which our members can then read out at our monthly Zoom meetings. We’d like as many members (new and current) to take part so please restrict your writings to a maximum of 1200 words so everyone has a chance to share their work.


If you're unable to or prefer not to read out yourself, you can just email your writing to and the Chair will appoint someone to read on your behalf. As a group, we'll always support each other in our work and offer constructive critique or make suggestions wherever we can. Get in touch if you'd like to join in.

September 2020 via Zoom

1st October 2020 via Zoom

Our Programme

Get Involved!


Member readings from October's prompt (or own original work)

Bridie proposed the prompt for the December meeting - Dreams

December 2020 via Zoom


Member readings from November's prompt (or own original work)

Rich has propsed the prompt for the January meeting - Season

7th January 2021 @ 7pm via Zoom

Readings of the Monologues.

The prompt for November's meeting is ‘Oyster’ which is a fantastic and wide-ranging topic suggested by one of our members (Jean Harding). Jean has also offered some additional tips:

“It can go in all directions. It is only a sidestep. From Wealth and affluence.  It is a colour They are farmed. There is the pearl industry. They suffer pirates even in this day and age. In the thirties, Londoners going to Southend consumed loads of them from the shellfish stalls. Criminal gangs smuggle Pearls, I cannot stand the things. You have to swallow chew then swallow again. I am not a shellfish person. They make me think of the East coast and mud.   I am sure your inventive mind will come up with a story. They are reasonable in batter. I’ve had them in Australia.” 

November 2020 via Zoom


Member readings from December's prompt (or own original work)

Liz to propose the prompt for the March meeting

March 2021 via Zoom

February 2021 via Zoom


Member readings from February's prompt (or own original work)

Bridie to propose the prompt for the April meeting (schedule for the remainder of 2021 will be published in due course)


Member readings from December's prompt - 'Season' (or own original work)

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